University of Tasmania Master’s thesis recommends ‘prohibition of circumcision performed on incapable minors’.

University of Tasmania Master’s candidate Warwick Marshall has submitted a thesis which provides a blueprint for legal reform in relation to the issue of circumcision in Australia. Click the link below to read an abstract. (More detailed documents are available via the link).



2 thoughts on “University of Tasmania Master’s thesis recommends ‘prohibition of circumcision performed on incapable minors’.

  1. While it is all too easy to get caught up in the emotional, cultural, religious and quasi-scientific aspects of the ‘circumcision debate’, my hope is that the thesis acknowledges the history of circumcision, but recognises that in a modern democratic and secular society, it is simply unacceptable that children can be strapped down or pinned down and have non-renewing parts cut from their bodies. It’s hard to imagine a valid argument which seeks to quarantine the still-developing sexual organs of male minors from the protections and established norms of the common law and the ethical application of medicine. I’m very much looking forward to reading the thesis.

  2. Correction of fundamental failure in judgement:

    The master thesis is misleading information based on fundamental failure in judgement!

    This master thesis calls for legislation of a “special law” to “specifically outlaw” the infliction of non-accidental injury to male children’s genital by way of removal of the healthy body-part called foreskin. The removal of the healthy foreskin from the living body of male children is ABSOLUTELY ALREADY OUTLAWED!

    The author of this “master thesis” speaks/writes in blatant ignorance of the undisputable reality of existing Australian Liberal Democratic Rule of Law and the empiric evidence that MGM and FGM are already equally outlawed!

    To speak/write/act so as if “Only FGM were already outlawed, but MGM not already outlawed and so were a matter of required “legislation”, is a FUNDAMENTAL FAILURE IN JUDGEMENT.

    The “master thesis” calling for “legislation” of a “special law” to “outlaw MGM” is – as is any such attempt/initiative – e.g.: any of these MGM-Bill Initiatives – dilettantish/nonsensical juristic advocacy, and in this a SHAME against the Value of the Academy of Law!

    The call for “legislation” of a “special law” to “outlaw MGM” is furthermore COUNTERPRODUCTIVE against Intactivisms aim to End this Global Collective Child Abuse of Forced Circumcision, and is spreading misleading Information!

    True Intactivism´s and certainly also the Academy of Law’s predominant responsibility is to GIVE CORRECT INFORMATION, and to HIGHLIGHT AND CORRECT any FALSE INFORMATION! Amen.

    Prof. Amen Paternoster
    Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity

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