Circumcision and foreskin restoration hit the mainstream media in Australia

The related issues of male circumcision and foreskin restoration have hit the headlines in mainstream Australian media outlets today (October 2nd, 2012). Multicultural public broadcaster SBS will use its current affairs program ‘Insight’ as the venue for an open forum on circumcision tonight at 8.30pm. In addition, News Limited’s online opinion page ‘The Punch’ today published a new testimonial from an Australian man, which once again highlights the impact that infant circumcision has on men once they reach adulthood, as well as the role that the ‘tried and true’ process of foreskin restoration can play in helping those affected to reverse some of the damage.

Click the link below to read the complete article:

‘I was circumcised and I want my foreskin back!’

One thought on “Circumcision and foreskin restoration hit the mainstream media in Australia

  1. Circumcision sucks plain and simple! My folks had me circumcised when I was just an infant due to their religious beliefs. As I was only 2 at the time I wasn’t consulted. Growing up was difficult, as I was one of the only boys in my class who didn’t have a foreskin. Of course this meant I was teased a lot when taking a shower after sports. I learned to shrug this off, but resented my parents for robbing me of what was mine.

    A few years ago I discovered you could grow your foreskin back using restoration methods, which involved daily stretching of the penis skin until it covered your glans. It took me nearly 2 years to reach my goal, but I would do it all over again if I had too. For any guys interested, here’s a site I found on big G.

    Take care
    Phil Hardy

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