Ryan Fitzgerald wins the inaugural ‘Australian Circumcision Stupidity’ award

In 2009, Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, now half of the popular ‘Fitzy and Wippa’ team on Sydney’s Nova FM radio station, decided to circumcise his baby boy. Obviously we are against the forced circumcision of children where there is no medical need, but we don’t usually single out the parents who have made this decision for ridicule. Often the decision is made under pressure from family members and doctors, or due to a lack of research and understanding of just how damaging this procedure is. However, while inflicting unneccessary and damaging cosmetic surgery on his defenceless son was bad enough, Ryan’s actions in the days following the operation took the abuse to a whole new level, and so has earnt him our inaugural Australian Circumcision Stupidity award.

Holding down a perfecty healthy newborn and slicing off the most intimate and sensitive part of his body is bad enough. But in a feeble attempt at ‘entertainment’ Ryan took his son’s amputated foreskin into the radio station and passed it around to his then co-presenters, Julian ‘Jules’ Schiller and Claire Murphy, to get their reactions on air.

To see what happened check out the clip below:

On two occasions Ryan seems to gloat about just how much tissue has been removed from his baby. On one of these occasions he quips “That’s a fair bit of skin, hey?” Yes, it is a lot of skin. But what he may fail to realise is that this is only the amount of skin (and other specialised tissue) that is lost to the baby. When his baby grows into a fully developed man he will be missing up to 15 square inches of highly sensitive and functional genital tissue, which is about the size of the palm of your hand.

Ryan’s colleagues appear to be slightly less enthusiastic about the stunt, with Claire commenting “That’s the whole top of a willy. It’s not what I was expecting.” I’m not sure what she was expecting to see. If you cut off the end of someone’s penis, that is exactly what you will get. Perhaps this was a realisation for Claire of the harsh reality of this procedure. It is something that was so readily accepted by our culture until recently that it is difficult to fully comprehend what we have been doing, until coming face to face with the raw results.

The saddest side to this is that this boy will one day grow up and may find this video when looking through his father’s career. How will he feel when he sees that the most intimate part of his body not only taken from him, but then trivialised and disrespected in such a public way by someone who should have protected him?

For this shameful act, Ryan not only takes home the award but also a copy of the book ‘The Joy of Uncircumcising‘, in which he can learn about the functions of the foreskin, and how restoring his own foreskin could improve his sexual experiences. In fact, through reading this book and sharing his experience, Ryan has a chance to redeem himself. We all know people make mistakes. The growing movement against forced infant circumcision is well represented by parents who did not know the truth at the time they made the decision to circumcise their sons. If Ryan takes on the techniques outlined in this book (or more modern techniques from restoration forums) for a period of two months, and then shares his experience with his listeners, in Lance Armstrong style we will re-write history strike his name from the record books.

Who knows, like many men who have restored their foreskins and now understand what they were missing, Ryan too may join us in becoming an Intactivist and help protect the rights of future generations of baby boys.

28 thoughts on “Ryan Fitzgerald wins the inaugural ‘Australian Circumcision Stupidity’ award

  1. Ryan Fitzgerald’s conduct is often in poor taste, but this is absolutely appalling and possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve seen any father do.

    This man conspired with an unethical doctor to amputate a perfectly healthy and functional body part from the sexual organs of a future man called Hewston Fitzgerald, then paraded the severed erogenous flesh around his workplace in some kind of ghoulish prank designed to illicit a cheap laugh.

    It’s clear that Sydney Children’s Hospital and Camp Quality failed in their due diligence when appointing ‘Fitzy’ to act as an ambassador for their organisations; organisations that actually help and support children, not rob them of their rights, dignity and autonomy.

    Shame on you, Ryan Fitzgerald, and shame on Nova FM.

    • Hi James,
      I’m a producer on The Project on Network Ten. I’m doing a segment on foreskin restoration for our show. Can you help me get in touch with men who are doing it or have done it?
      Email me on mclay@7pmproject.com.au
      Mike Clay

      • It is well known that Rove and Peter Hellier are uncut and anti-circumcision,can you influence them in any way NOT to hire this moronic asshole.

  2. Ryans son will grow up, go to college, develope depression and commit suicide ( or worse) because of his stupid dad’s decision to sexually traumatize him and cause his prepuce to dysfunction.

    • Jeremy, listen again, get all the sponsors who pay to have commercials on this show, then call the sponsors and tell them to stop supporting this animal and his sadistic stunts.

  3. I wonder how people would have reacted if some a$$hole decided to bring his baby girls labia in to work. Would he get a laugh then I wonder? What a jerk.

  4. Disgusting and appalling misconduct by a father and a public celebrity. So it’s all a joke, eh mate? Hope you’ve got your seat belt fastened for the day your son sees this video clip; even if he’s okay with being mutilated for his father’s entertainment (unlikely considering Aussie circ rates these days), he’s not likely to be happy about the public display of his amputated private part. I wish the lad the courage and wherewithal to pour generous portions of opprobrium on his father’s thoughtless head, when the time comes.

  5. I’m generally not a fan of the mawkish over the top writing style this post is written in, but the actions of this vile man are so repulsive I can overlook it. What a disgusting display of contempt for the male body and disregard for a child’s right to bodily integrity.

  6. So we here at NOVOGLAN were thinking of doing a cross promotion with NOVA – radio station. Having just seen this video we have cold feet. That would have to be one of the worst cases of abuse we have seen. We need to ensure that parents and GPs are better educated – keep up the good work. Thanks for pointing it out to us – NOVOGLAN Team Sydney.

  7. While it was in massive tasteless humour for Fitzy to take his sons foreskin into work and video it. My brother is circumsized and he has never been depressed by having this done to him, and from what his girlfriend told me one night after to many wines, not much downsizing or performance issues. Yes not something I ever wanted to know about my brother, but hey atleast he isn’t harmed. I am also sure Hewston will know exactly what his father is like before he finds this video online

  8. Someone needs to send this asshole back to that hospital–as a patient this time. He believes his son(s) doesn’t need all his body parts; maybe dad can spare parts of his own? Only one way to find out.

    Oh, if you boycott advertisers, shit changes real quick.

  9. Tasteless, tacky radio announcer. I don’t have a strong opinion on circumcision either way, and agree with the very detailed work of the RACP: not recommended routinely, but a reasonable decision for parents if they’ve considered the pros- and cons- which pretty much level out. In fact I find anyone with a strong view either for or against circumcision weird, with an unhealthy obsession with kids penises.

    • That was a strong opinion on circumcision meant to insult people who are against ritual, religious and routine infant circumcision. You’re ignoring the human rights point. It’s not something a parent can just decide to do because they feel it has pros and cons. It’s a superstitious witchdoctor ritual, a violation of the mans right to grow up with all his parts healthy and functioning, unless it’s a necessary life saving opperation at the time. You have an unhealthy obsession with ignoring the real issue. Only the people who are obsessed with circumcising kids penises are obsessed with kids penis.

    • Do you those those with strong views against cutting up girls genitals to have an unhealthy obsession with kids’ vaginas?

      But back to the story, I cannot believe it. . . It beggars belief. How did this fuckwit keep his job after doing that? Why did nobody make a complaint to the broadcasting standards authority – or whoever the relevant body would be. . . I realize parading your child’s body parts is perfectly legal (why would there need to be a law against something so unfathomably crazy) but bloody hell. . .

  10. Doesn’t he realize he’s wasting a foreskin that could be used in medical research or to make women’s face cream.

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